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Speciality Pharmacy
We maintain readily available inventory of Ari-xtra, Sandostatin and sando LAR, Temodar, Thalmid (Thalidomide), Voriconazole (Vfend), Xeloda, Cancidas, Proleukin, Innohep, Lovenox, Intron A / Roferon A, IVIG,
Leukine, Lupron, Neulasta, Neumega, Neupogen, Peg Intron/Pegasys, Procrit/Epogen, Pulmozyme, Avonex, Rebif, Tobi, Tysabri, Serostim, Copaxone, Aranesp
Aranesp, Tysabri, Avonex, Copaxone, Tobi, Serostim, Pulmozyme
When the patient exercises his/her right to freedom of choice in the state of Texas and chooses Southside Pharmacy/Infusion to provide his/her home care the Physician Referral will set in motion the following sequence of events:

» A Pre-Discharge assessment in the hospital or clinic if requested.
» Verification of insurance by Southside Pharmacy/Infusion.
» Acquisition of Physician orders.

Development of a patient care plans which meets the needs of the physician, the patient, and the family and the Insurance Case Manager.

Any equipment necessary to provide continuation of care will be in place when the patient arrives at home. Caregivers from any of the required discipline will be dispatched in a timely manner to implement the plan of treatment.

As the patient's condition improves, changes to the plan are implemented. Training of the Patient and the family members is provided to allow them to take over care and become self-sufficient.

We will accept all PPO insurance, Medicare B, Medicaid, Workman's compensation, BCBS and are members of many preferred providers plans. Furthermore, we guarantee in writing that your patients will not pay a penny more to us than they would to their in-network provider. As a Texas resident the law protects a Patient's freedom of choice. Southside has experienced Reimbursement specialists to handle all negotiations with the insurance companies on the patients behalf to ensure that they get the most highly qualified clinicians. So choose Southside, for your patients.


  A. The therapy must be appropriate in a home care setting.
  B. Adequate physical facilities in the patient's residence.
  C. Availability and willingness of family members or substitute family members to participate in care.
  D. Availability and cooperation of the patient's personal physician in establishing and managing the plan of care.
  E. The company will not admit to service individuals with a current history of violent behavior towards self or others.
  F. The pharmacy will dispense only FDA approved drugs



The has been admitted to care of a physician who is responsible for the orders for care, treatment or services for care.

  B. The patient is clinically stable.
  C. The patient or care giver is educable.

Patient has adequate means to communicate.

  E. The patient has appropriate venous access.
  F. The patient has acceptable means of reimbursement for services.


  Monday - Friday :  

8:00 am to 7:00 pm (CST)

  Saturday :  

9:00 am to 3:00 pm (CST)

  After Hours and Holidays :  

Answering Service



Referral source may contact SSI clinical staff or intake coordinator regarding each new patient referral.


We need to have Accurate and Complete Demographic and Insurance Information to determine the patient eligibility for service.

  C. SSI will determine Confirmation of Insurance Benefits and the clinicians will determine whether the patient meets the criteria for patient acceptance.

Upon confirmation of Insurance benefits and verification of Physician Orders the Intake coordinator / Clinician will contact the Physician and/or referral source of the availability of the Insurance coverage and coordinates Start of care.


  • Charges to patient will be disclosed at the time of admission.

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