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Physical therapy visits are made by a registered physical therapist who carries out the physical therapy portion of the patient care plan. Visits are approximately 1 hour.

Physical Therapy services include, but are not limited to :

» Evaluation of physical therapy referrals as requested by the physician.

» Consultation with the physician regarding orders, identified goals, and/or prescribed treatments for the patient on a routing basis, as appropriated and necessary to assure patient safety and continuity of care.

» Ultrasound therapy.


Carries out occupational therapy patient plan of treatment as ordered by the physician. Coordinates with other staff to form plan of care for patient. Each visit is approximately 1 hour.

Occupational therapy services include, but are not limited to :

» Making home visits upon the physician's orders to evaluate a patient's need for occupational therapy services.

» Performing the appropriate treatment to meet the needs of rehabilitative care.

» Participating in program coordination with other health care staff to report on the patient's need for and/or the effectiveness of O.T.

» Observing, recording and reporting the patient's responses to treatment and change in condition.

» Instructing other health care personnel or family members in phases of O.T. in which they may work with the patient.

» Maintaining sufficient knowledge of community agencies to make appropriate referrals.

» Participating in rehabilitation by attending group meetings that identify patient needs and upgrade O.T. programs as necessary.


Speech therapists assume responsibility for the rehabilitative treatment of patients per Physician's orders for language, voice and hearing problems. Visit duration is determined by the patient's prognosis and may last for up to one hour.

Speech therapy services include, but are not limited to :

» Evaluation of all speech-language therapy referrals as requested by the patient's physician.

» Participation with other multi-disciplinary health care providers in the formulation of the patient's plan of care.

» Making home visits to evaluate the patient's need for speech therapy.

» Participation in speech therapy services relating the progress and prognosis of the patient-related speech therapy treatment objectives.

» Forwarding appropriated documentation regarding the patient's progress at regular intervals, or as patient care needs indicate, to physicians and/or appropriate agencies or health care field practitioners.

» Instructing other health care personnel and family members in certain phases of speech treatment in which they may work with the patient.

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